In unbounded gratitude for what Christian Science has...

In unbounded gratitude for what Christian Science has done for me and for my family, I send this testimony. For many long years I suffered from a severe stomach disorder, which rendered it impossible for me to take any food without experiencing the most violent pains and sickness, in spite of the fact that I was constantly taking medicine and observed the strictest diet. One doctor succeeded another with different prescriptions, but no improvement seemed to take place, rather the contrary, till finally I was almost starved and my friends did not think I would live long. It was indeed my own wish also to die rather than live such a wretched life.

Then one day I met a friend who, seeing my distress, gave me Science and Health and begged me to read it, in the hope that it might help me. I began to read at once, and from the first hour the book became so dear to me that I could not leave off reading but studied it diligently for several months, till the mystery of life began to grow clear and I could distinguish God as Life itself, the only Truth and source of harmony. And in proportion as I understood the truth of being the disease disappeared, and I was able without pain to eat whatever I wished. That was seven years ago, and since then I have never had any doctor either for myself or for my children. Divine Truth has sufficed to help us out of every apparent inharmony. Christian Science also delivered me from a painful condition when my jawbone seemed to be dislocated and it was only with great difficulty I could open my mouth to eat. I understood that a continued declaration of the law of God, the law of Love, was the only thing that could save me, and my efforts were crowned with success, so that also in this case I am restored to health. I can now see, with the deepest gratitude, God's way leading us out of all suffering, ever nearer to Himself, the great, eternal Principle of harmony.

Testimony of Healing
I am thankful to God for the many healings I have received...
March 22, 1919

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