I am thankful to God for the many healings I have received...

I am thankful to God for the many healings I have received through the study of Christian Science and by knowing that God is always ready to help us in our troubles if we believe and trust in Him. One winter evening I went to the back door to empty a dish of snow. The threshold and the steps were icy and I fell down three steps, hurting myself to such an extent that I had to be carried into the house, and some of the ribs were fractured. A doctor who was called over the telephone instructed my daughter to try hot applications to relieve the pain and said he would come to see me the next morning; but the applications did not bring any relief and I was very nervous. My wife then asked me to try Christian Science, as she had been helped by it and was a member of the church; so I told her to call up a practitioner, although I did not think any good would come from it. I soon had to admit, however, that I was wrong, for in a few minutes the pain all disappeared. I received three treatments and in four days was working at my trade as a carpenter.

My healings did not stop there. I have been healed of a stomach trouble and another chronic and very aggravating ailment of thirty-five years' standing. The greatest help came to me last spring, when I fell from a ladder and broke my right shoulder. A slate hammer, which I was holding in my right hand, was driven through the left hand close to the wrist joint, making an ugly looking wound, for this kind of hammer has a long point about the size of a large pencil. A doctor was immediately summoned to set the break. About this time a Christian Science practitioner was called, and I began to feel the effects to Christian Science healing almost immediately. I was not confined to the bed, but was up and outdoors as usual. The fourth day after my fall I worked with my left hand, planted some peas, and before the week was out the hand was healed. Inside of twenty days from the time my shoulder was injured the bandages were taken off and I at once began to use the right arm.

Testimony of Healing
About three years ago I was healed through Christian Science...
March 22, 1919

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