I desire to express my gratitude for the many physical...

I desire to express my gratitude for the many physical healings and especially the spiritual uplift received by myself and my family through Christian Science. We are young in the study of this Science, but have reaped much benefit since taking it up, and I wish to give a few of the many blessings which have come to us. Our thirteen-year-old boy was taken with what is known as lung fever, and it was thought by some who saw him that he could not recover. The material evidences seemed very alarming, but we had something higher than sense testimony on which to rely, and thanks to Christian Science he was healed. In a short time the fever left him, and he gained strength, despite the so-called law which says it must have its course. One Sunday our little girl was stricken with something like epilepsy during the service, but my wife and a practitioner carried her out, and in less than ten minutes she and they returned. She was perfectly healed and has never had another of these attacks, to which she had been subject. We have found Christian Science a preventive as well as a curative, and are realizing more and more each day that it does indeed supply our every need.—C. H. Gilstrap, Claflin, Kan.

Testimony of Healing
I have been helped so many times by reading the testimonies...
March 22, 1919

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