It is now the usual thing to find in large or busy communities, that an officer of the law is stationed at the intersection of two or more streets, whose business it is to direct the stream of traffic so as to prevent congestion as well as danger. As we watch one of these men applying himself to the various problems which arise, the constant alertness which he manifests and the absolute confidence with which he handles every situation that arises is especially noticeable. There is no hesitancy or faltering, but prompt, right decision, and positive action. He stands unmoved by all the tumult and confusion, never a part of it, never touched by any of it, ever conscious of the fact that back of him is all the power of the law; so that he expects, and receives, instant obedience to his word or gesture of command.

In our demonstration of Christian Science we many times stand in the midst of the most hopelessly confused sense testimony, and should remember that it is never a part of us, never touches us at any point; that we are master of every situation, for back of us is all the power and force and majesty of divine law. We should always be alert to the fact that our business is to keep thought clear, so that no confusion or evil can enter. The richest reward that can come to one for such spiritual service is to receive the commendation, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things." Throughout the centuries men have always desired to know how this blessed promise could be won, but self and the darkness of materialism have rendered the vision obscure and they have been persuaded to listen to a voice saying, "The time for the fulfillment of these things is past and gone." At last, however, there came one who so clearly saw the light that she was able to turn it upon the "gross darkness" that had covered the people, so that once more "the glory of the Lord" is seen shining upon men.

December 13, 1919

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