To assume that Christian Science "bears no relation to...


To assume that Christian Science "bears no relation to Judaism" would lead to the erroneous conclusion that Christian Science bears no relation to the Old Testament, for Judaism, while in part made up of tradition and ceremony, is in large measure and in vital respects based on the Old Testament. So far as it is so based, Judaism and Christian Science have a common foundation; it is only as Judaism is built up of rites and dogmas that Christian Science ceases to be in touch with it.

The fundamental teachings of the Old Testament are accepted by both Jew and Christian Scientist. Those fundamentals are simply that there is one God, the great I am; that He is omnipresent and omniscient, that is, incorporeal Life, Truth, intelligence; and that obedience to Him brings life and happiness, while disobedience leads to distress and despair. These are basic teachings of the Old Testament, of Judaism, and of Christian Science alike. Christian Science departs from Judaism, chiefly, in giving these teachings a practical application. Thus, postulating that there is one creator, who is good, Christian Science successfully disputes the reality of evil; accepting God as the only Life, Christian Science attacks sickness, the principal enemy of life, as at most a mistaken human belief, and hence overcomes it where other health systems fail because they admit as real the very thing they hope to destroy. Recognizing God to be the only Mind, Christian Science looks for and is bringing about an end of the confusion and strife growing out of the false supposition that there are minds many.

November 15, 1919

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