A recent issue contains a review of Dr. A. H. Forster's...

The Mail and Empire

A recent issue contains a review of Dr. A. H. Forster's book, "Four Modern Religious Movements," in which it is said that the author admits that many of the cases of healing by Christian Science are genuine, but says that "they might occur equally well in the Church if that body had not forgotten the truth which Mrs. Eddy has distorted." Surely the latter statement about Mrs. Eddy is prejudicial and illogical. Genuine healing must have genuine, real, good cause. Something genuine does not proceed from something distorted. A genuine phenomenon or effect must proceed from a true cause; that is, from Truth, "the great First Cause." God is the intelligible Principle of Science.

Christ Jesus explained his healing ministry by the statement that the knowledge of the truth gave freedom. This emancipation included healing of bodily diseases, and Doctor Forster declares that Christianity is "a gospel for the body" also. Then why does not "the Church" gain a knowledge of the real truth which heals bodily ills? In the Christian Science church bodily as well as moral ailments are healed scientifically. It is clear that the knowledge of the truth frees anyone from ignorance, falsity, illusion, or lie. Truth frees from the seeming opposite of the truth, that is, from an abnormal, diseased condition. It is thus that Christian Science interprets and demonstrates the teaching and practice of Christ Jesus.

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