Right Motives

Nothing is of more importance to men in the working out of their salvation from all evil than the understanding of how to examine and purify motives. There is always a motive prompting every act, whether the act be great or small, whether it be of larger or lesser influence; it is therefore easy to see the immense significance of right motives. It is only from perfect motives that perfect acts can result, and correcting the motives, more correct living must follow as a necessary consequence.

Now this examination of motives is entirely a mental operation and it is only through the light which Christian Science throws upon all mental activity that proper discernment is made possible. In its revelation of absolute Truth, Christian Science has opened the way to an exact differentiation between the true and the false, between right and wrong, between good and evil, at all times and under all circumstances. It remains, however, for each individual to lay hold of this perfect method and to apply it to every thought in order that he may bring forth the fruit of right motives.

November 15, 1919

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