Christian Science has been everything to me since I first...

Christian Science has been everything to me since I first heard of it about eight years ago. Four years before that a great sorrow and loss had come into my life, in the passing on of my father and the selling of my home. During those years I was a very depressed person with no desire to live. Friends told me I should try to be resigned and that I would outlive my sorrows; that the unhappiness and misery in the world was sent by God for some wise purpose; but I felt that the light of my life had gone out forever. It was suggested that it might be good for me to go abroad for a time, so I visited Holland and stayed in different places there for six months, then went to Germany for a few weeks and finally returned to England. After spending a few weeks in London I went back to Holland, and it was during my second visit there that I nearly decided to end my mortal existence.

At this time an English girl who came to see me told me about Christian Science. She said very little, but enough to make me want to know more of the men and women who lived near by and who did not believe God sent illness and sorrow, for all my life I had been taught that He did. I told her I would go with her to the Christian Science service on Sunday, and that day, July 16, 1911, will always be remembered. I was so impressed with the service that after it was over I made four attempts to get enough courage to ask the First Reader if I might buy the book she had been reading from, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. It was not announced that the book was for sale, as there was only a small meeting of Scientists.

Testimony of Healing
How blessed are those of us that have touched the hem...
November 15, 1919

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