The study of Mrs. Eddy's writings was taken up as a last...

The study of Mrs. Eddy's writings was taken up as a last resort to get relief from a trouble with my knee which doctors were unable to heal. The healing was slow, but this compelled me to study Science and Health in conjunction with the Bible, which otherwise I might not have done. A foot which I had hurt while playing football and had been obliged to bandage for a good many years was almost entirely healed during a Christian Science lecture, and after three or four weeks' study the healing was complete.

In one treatment six years ago I was healed of rheumatism, to which I had been a slave for about twelve years and which was getting worse all the time. Having been taught that certain kinds of diet and weather would cause an attack, I had grown to fear these. When the practitioner told me that they had no power to cause suffering, but that it was the fear of them which had produced the bad results, I was much encouraged; and the statement proved to be true, for when the fear was overcome I was able, without any consequent suffering, to eat the same things and be exposed to the same easterly winds which had previously seemed to cause the trouble. From that day I laid aside all medicine and relied on the only true God, whom John describes as Love.

Testimony of Healing
With a thankful heart I send this testimony to tell a few...
October 18, 1919

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