Christian Science is the most practical system of religion...

The Christian Science Monitor

Christian Science is the most practical system of religion which has ever been promulgated. For this reason it appeals most readily to thinkers, especially to the so-called hard-headed business man. Every one recognizes that in human experience there are many things which are not as they should be, and most people will acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being with the intelligence and power requisite to make the necessary adjustments. The popular notion of what this Being is, however, and how the universe is governed is so vague that the majority are more or less content to pay some one to do their religious thinking for them, or else give up the effort as a bad job. Still, there is a Supreme Being who created the universe and who governs and maintains it in perfect harmony, including man and all of his affairs. Logically, then, there must be system and order appertaining to this Being and His government; and, admitting that this is so, He must have provided a means through which this sublime fact may be known and proved.

Dogmatism has never satisfied the world's thinkers. The experience of John the Baptist is an illustration of this. As he grew to manhood he became so dissatisfied with the religious system of his day that he forsook it, and denounced those whom he considered should but would not lead the people to a better knowledge and worship of God. While it is possible that John himself did not gain a sufficiently clear view of the reality of God and His creation to do very much to ameliorate human conditions, he did see the necessity for turning away from and forsaking evil habits and practices, and his vision was keen enough to enable him to recognize the Messiah and to proclaim, "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world."

October 18, 1919

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