After suffering a long time from an extremely nervous...

After suffering a long time from an extremely nervous condition from which there seemed to be no relief, I became very much discouraged, thinking there was no help for me. A friend who had become interested in Christian Science visited my home, and seeing my discouraged condition told me what this teaching had done for her in one year. I had always ridiculed it, but impressed by her words my thought became more receptive. I attended a Christian Science service on the following Sunday, and was convinced that at last I had found what I had been seeking,—a God who answered prayer. Within a few days I was a changed woman, mentally and physically, and realized that my prayer had been answered. I tried to be obedient, to reflect more love, and to trust more in God, with the result of a complete and permanent healing. I was not only free from all sense of nervousness, but no longer required glasses, which had been used for years.

Since then I have been healed of varicose veins. A physician had told me that if they ever broke, the wound would never heal. They did burst, leaving the promised wound, but with the help of a practitioner this was overcome, proving that God's law is ever operative. My children have been healed of many ailments. A case of St. Vitus' dance was overcome at a time when it seemed as though the child would have to give up her school duties. After about six visits to a practitioner she realized the need of doing something for herself, and was healed. That was three years ago, and there has been no return of the trouble.

Testimony of Healing
Having been interested in Christian Science for seven...
October 18, 1919

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