From Day to Day

IN 1910, a short time before we were married, my husband and I became interested in Christian Science. He had drawn forty acres of government land and we were planning to be married and to make our home there. His land was covered with timber and lay close to the Colorado River, and it was necessary to clear and level it to prepare it for irrigation farming; and he was required by the Government to live on it five years before title could be obtained. Neither of us knew anything about farming, but we both wanted to live on a farm, and it seemed the right thing to do, so we made our plans to go. We had a little loose capital and some money invested in Los Angeles real estate, which, all told, would have been ample for our needs; but no matter how we tried, we could not dispose of our property without a very great sacrifice, and so we determined to go ahead demonstrating our way. We moved on to the land in December, built a little house, cleared and leveled ten acres, and had spent all we had. From that time on we were forced to make one demonstration after another for daily supplies, and no matter what the need Truth has never failed.

One time it was necessary for us to have something that cost, I think, two dollars and seventy-five cents. We did not have it, nor the seventy-five cents ferry charge which was necessary to go across the river and get the article. We both began declaring, "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need" (Science and Health, p. 494), and still doing his mental work my husband walked out into the front yard. Just then a neighbor came driving by and called to know if my husband was going to town; because, he said, he needed something badly and it was worth three dollars to him to have it brought out, and he would pay the ferry charge.

The Open Road to Freedom
October 18, 1919

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