Extracts from Letters

"Christian Science has been such a benefit to me at all times since being in the Army that in appreciation thereof I gladly give the following testimony. I had no knowledge of Christian Science one week prior to my enlistment. My health was so poor that I had to give up my position several months before enlisting, and I thought I would be unable to withstand the rigors of Army life. For a while it certainly looked that way, as shortly afterwards I was sent to a hospital for treatment; but even the physicians' diagnoses only confirmed Christian Science's claim that sickness is in mortal mind, as they were unable to find anything wrong. Consequently I received no treatment, but a week's rest there gave me an opportunity to study and was instrumental in bringing a soldier, whose faith had weakened, back to the fold; as a result of which he improved. Here was a case where by reading I was able to help another....

"Upon my return to camp I found my name on the overseas list, and left shortly thereafter. Experienced no fear about the voyage, but about four days from port (Brest) had a claim of fever which I seemed unable to overcome, although I worked on it for three days and only gave in when things swam before my eyes, and finally was sent to the sick bay. This was when influenza appeared to be at its height, but my stay in sick bay was brief and under better conditions, as I received better food and a real bed, and again had time to work for myself. Arrived at port where the Camp Welfare worker gave me more instruction, after which my progress was more marked. I was the only one interested in Christian Science in our detachment, excepting a few interested for argument's sake, and spent most of my evenings reading by candle light in our attic billet, which housed about forty men.

Guided by Right Intuition
October 18, 1919

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