I cannot let another day go by without expressing my...

I cannot let another day go by without expressing my husband's and my own deep gratitude for the healing of our eight-year-old son of a severe rupture which came about as the result of an accident. He asked me to treat him, and the soreness left very soon, but severe swelling persisted for nearly a year. No support was used, nor were any material means or medical opinions resorted to. I worked for him faithfully to the best of my understanding of Christian Science, and in September, 1918, the condition completely disappeared. The boy's father is not a student of Christian Science, but his thankfulness was as great as my own, if not greater, because his fear had been constant that the condition was incurable. He did not suggest material methods of healing at any time, but I realized afterwards that in his opinion Science was being put to a severe test.

We have had many healings in our family of five. Among them was the removal of a growth in my little daughter's nose. It was ejected from the nasal passage. I was filled with wonder as to its removal, for the child was but three years old and the passage only about half as large as the growth. For these signs of the power of the Word I am deeply grateful; but for the mental balance that a knowledge of the truth about God and His creation has brought to me, I am even more grateful, for Christian Science found me in a condition of mental chaos pitiful to contemplate. There is nothing discordant that Christ, Truth, cannot straighten out.—(Mrs.) Bessie H. Creighton, Milwaukee, Wis.

Testimony of Healing
The study of Mrs. Eddy's writings was taken up as a last...
October 18, 1919

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