The Activity of the Christ

Accepting the truth, as taught in Christian Science, that the Christ-idea is not limited to a material, finite form or to a limited period of time, but continues to exist throughout all eternity, we come at length to consider the activity of this Christ-principle or spiritual understanding. In rising above the belief that the Christ must be a human savior, and realizing that the savior of the world is the divine Truth which is ever present, we are freed from the limitations which so long prevailed while mankind believed that the Christ has not been present since Jesus walked the earth, and that this Christ will not be present again until the second appearing of the man Jesus. This limiting belief removed, we can begin to look over the pages of Bible history and trace the activity of the Christ-principle long before the advent of Jesus of Nazareth.

We can thus see that from the beginning of mortal history every prophet who discerned something of the spiritual facts of being, prepared the way, to the extent of his discernment of Truth, for those who followed him; and that the work of each in turn was made possible by the efforts of those who had gone before him. It was because "Noah was a just man" and "walked with God" that he was enabled to save his household, consisting of all those who had, like him, been receptive of the Christ-idea and allowed the activity of the Christ, Truth, to govern them. It was the activity of the Christ which caused Abraham to go forth from Ur of the Chaldees and look for that city whose builder or cause is God; it might be further said that it was the complete understanding of the Christ which Abraham sought. It was the activity of the Christ which caused Moses to perceive in the burning bush that, although oppressed on every hand and seemingly being consumed, yet the children of Israel were not destroyed; and the activity of the Christ-idea, as manifested by Moses, brought the children of Israel safely out of the land of bondage. It was the activity of the Christ-idea which enabled Elisha to perform his many so-called miracles, among which was the first recorded case of the dead being brought to life.

"And it was so"
September 21, 1918

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