That Christian Scientists are regarded by examining...

National Underwriter

That Christian Scientists are regarded by examining physicians as favorable insurance risks is stated by a writer in a recent issue, who says also that Christian Scientists in comparison with others are "ordinarily not so subject to minor ills, and even have a better fighting spirit during a serious illness." The article adds that "Christian Scientists take unusually good care of themselves;" but this care, it should be said, is not in the observance of material health laws, for it depends upon the understanding and application of the spiritual law of God.

A serious misrepresentation, however, is to be found in the erroneous statement that a great many Christian Scientists will summon a physician in an emergency but do not care to admit or agree that they will do so. This is obviously untrue, and the established efficiency of Christian Science and the honesty of its adherents do not warrant such an aspersion. Christian Scientists have learned from experience how much more safely they can depend on Christian Science than on other systems. Their confidence in Christian Science is sincere and is the result of practical proof of its reliability. For a Christian Scientist to seek medical aid would be anomalous and would call in question his position as a Christian Scientist. Thousands upon thousands have been restored to health by Christian Science after being told by the doctors that recovery was impossible. Such persons are wisely consistent in steadfastly relying on God's power, and are not to be termed fanatics for doing so. It is of interest that the manager of an insurance company has made the statement that those policyholders treated by Christian Science recover more quickly from illness than those treated in other ways.

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