In a recent issue, in an article entitled "The Monitor a...

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In a recent issue, in an article entitled "The Monitor a Menace," are certain misleading statements. It should be noted in passing that the article in question furnished at least an element of novelty. Just recently a Presbyterian editor remarked how few and unimportant the Christian Scientists are. Now appears the statement that they are "so rich, powerful, and well organized" that editors are afraid to attack them or their paper. It may be truthfully stated that adherents of this religion not only do not object to true statements regarding themselves and their religion but rather welcome such, for they are happy to be judged by their work. On the other hand, it may be said with equal truth that Christian Scientists always desire to correct misstatements regarding the teachings of their religion and their activities.

Just what part The Christian Science Monitor has had in the affairs at Ottawa is best determined by reading its columns. It has been stated by the editor of the Monitor frequently and with perfect clarity that it never assails or criticizes the Roman Catholic religion or any other denomination; as a matter of fact, it extends to every creed the same tolerance it would demand for its own. However, when the Roman Catholic church, or any other, departs from its true character as a promoter of its religious teachings and enters the field of politics, inevitably it gets—and deserves—the criticism belonging to political partisanship. That the Monitor does not assail the Roman Catholic church except in its political activities should be carefully borne in mind.

September 21, 1918

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