Being deeply grateful for the healing of my baby some...

Being deeply grateful for the healing of my baby some five years ago, I desire to express my gratitude through the Sentinel. She weighed only about four pounds at birth and was never normal. At the age of eight months she was taken very ill with congestion, and her spine was affected, resulting in a curvature. She did not grow, and her teeth made her little, emaciated face look uncanny to those unaccustomed to seeing her. Her limbs were useless and seemed very sensitive to the touch. Some of my acquaintances thought her blank mentally, too. She took very little nourishment, seeming to have no desire for food. The physician we called in said no one could do much for her.

As I was somewhat interested in Christian Science, though my husband was not, we called a practitioner. The trouble was not, however, overcome, so another practitioner was engaged. After a time she told us to get some one else, as she did not feel that she had sufficient understanding to meet the case. Hearing of a practitioner who was visiting in a neighboring town, I sent for her and she came to see me. She told me that everything is possible to God; our part was to do the work and leave the result with Him. Treatment was begun, and I never had a doubt that the child would be healed. She began to improve at once, but slowly, and when she could use her feet and play with them and put her toes in her mouth, as babies are accustomed to do, I was the happiest woman in Oklahoma. When she had been treated five months, the practitioner said she felt the work was done, though it did not seem so to mortal sense. She said the perfect healing would manifest itself with time. At two years of age, which was about two months after Christian Science treatment was discontinued, she weighed just ten pounds, but she went on growing and developing, until now, at seven years of age, there is not a finer or more fully developed child to be found anywhere.

Testimony of Healing
Truly, "man's extremity is God's opportunity." After...
May 4, 1918

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