It is with deepest thoughts of gratitude that I give this...

It is with deepest thoughts of gratitude that I give this testimony of what Christian Science has done for me and mine. I have been a member of the Christian Science church for fifteen years. My first healing was of heart trouble, and was brought about by listening to a practitioner explain this teaching to a lady. I was healed instantaneously. Then I knew I had the key to the spiritual storehouse where the treasure was that I had sought all my life. Christian Science is the "pearl of great price" that cannot be bought with money: we can only keep it by living up to the commands of Christ Jesus and by letting brotherly love rule out every thought that is unlike God, good. I have never used medicine or any material remedies since learning of Christian Science, and have had no desire for them, for I knew that Christ, Truth, had come to my consciousness, as our Master promised, and that was sufficient.

About a year ago I was asked to treat a child that had been dismissed from public school, for a trouble supposed to be contagious. The mother said she had been fighting it all the time. I told her not to fight any more, but know that God governed the child and herself. In a few days the boy got a certificate from a doctor and went back to school, being all right. For that healing and a multitude of others I am indeed thankful to God. I am deeply grateful to Mrs. Eddy for this truth that frees mankind from the ills of the flesh, and my daily prayer is that I may gain more of the understanding of Christian Science.

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