So deep is my gratitude and so numerous are my blessings,...

So deep is my gratitude and so numerous are my blessings, as a result of the study and application of the truth as taught in Christian Science, that I avail myself of every opportunity of passing on the wonderful story to others, knowing that if but one is encouraged thereby the word has not been spoken in vain. Seven years ago, when I began the investigation of this religion, I was unhappy, discouraged, in debt, devoid of spiritual inclination, critical, of an intemperate disposition, and facing an operation for a physical trouble which had bound me for fifteen years. Up to this time I did not know what it was to go through a day without pain or an ache of some kind. I had given up the use of medicine several years previous, having proven to my satisfaction that drugs are without power. I tried other methods of treatment, but with the result that my condition grew worse. Parents, relatives, and physicians did all in their power to make life cheerful and livable for me.

When I knew that an operation was the last resort, I gave up all hope, feeling sure that the end would come with the operation. This I resented bitterly. I reasoned that there should be a way out,—that I was young and ought not to die; but death would be preferable to a life of suffering. A friend of my father's who had been benefited by Christian Science, brought me the first news of this healing truth, and from him I learned of a practitioner, to whom I applied for help. I shall always remember with joy the loving words she spoke, telling me that I could be helped. Within three days all pain was gone. I had one week's treatment, and at the end of five weeks was completely healed of this trouble and free from any fear of a relapse. The practitioner showed me how to study the Lesson-Sermon, and from that day to this I have made a practice of never omitting this important part of the day's work and pleasure.

Testimony of Healing
In the year 1904 I found myself unable to attend to my...
February 2, 1918

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