One's gratitude to God is best expressed in helping others...

One's gratitude to God is best expressed in helping others to the blessings we ourselves partake of, and I am sure my testimony will help some one. I was as one traveling along in darkness. I used to read the Bible, but could not understand a great many things therein, and was always asking why this or that should be, and doubting in general about it all. About two years ago a friend brought Christian Science to my notice, and since then, while reading the Lesson-Sermon and practicing what I read, the Bible has become an ever present help in trouble. I am able to understand a great many things which before I could not account for.

About this time my children were taken ill. One had an ear trouble which was of long standing and very annoying, and the doctor could not cure her. He gave box after box of ointment, but as soon as one place healed up the trouble would break out somewhere else. I then decided to ask my friend to help us, and in a short time the baby was completely healed. Another little girl developed whooping cough, but that disappeared in like manner, and several childish complaints which prove trying to any mother have been overcome. I am very thankful to God that my eyes have been opened to the truth which never fails if we remain firm and faithful to God. My little boy, aged ten, and I were taken with a sore throat, so that we could not even swallow liquid, but we were both healed in less than twenty-four hours.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science came into my life after all material...
February 2, 1918

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