Our Heavenly Father

The teacher was comparatively young in the study of Christian Science, and when she was given charge of a class in the Sunday school, she was at first filled with fear, for she knew something of the child mind and its capacity for asking questions, and she was aware of her own lack of knowledge. She, however, accepted the task willingly, knowing that we are never asked to perform a service which we cannot fulfill when we realize that man is the infinite reflection of infinite Mind. As the months passed she found that her ability to answer the questions which were put to her corresponded to the amount of preparation she gave to the lesson beforehand; to the study of the letter and the earnestness of her prayer for light, which unfolded to her the spirit, and also to the handling of the belief of error which, like Herod of old, would seek to injure the young child.

The class was a group of little girls, and one morning this remark was made: "I don't see how you can say that God is our Father and yet that He isn't a person." The distinction was clear in the teacher's mind, but how was she to put it into the simple phraseology which the child thought could grasp? There was a moment of realization that man is possessed here and now of everything he needs, and that this included intelligence; then the needed illustration came.

February 2, 1918

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