In the year 1906 some dear friends, knowing my need,...

In the year 1906 some dear friends, knowing my need, talked to me a little about Christian Science, and finally invited me to attend a lecture. I did so, but although I listened and it sounded good, I was in agony; it seemed as though I could not wait for the end, I was in such a nervous state. I stayed, however, till the close, and for this I was very grateful, as my healing took place that very night. I had been under the doctor's care, and was taking local treatments for bowel trouble, from which I had suffered since childhood, and as I grew older it became worse. After returning home from the lecture my whole thought seemed changed; I felt different,—I felt there was a God I had never been taught about, a God who really did help people and would help me. The medicine which I always prepared so as to have it ready on my return, if I were going out in the evening, I swallowed as usual, but although it had never been distasteful, this time it seemed awful and I could not understand why. It was the last I ever took; I have taken no medicine in the past ten years.

Two years before this a copy of the Journal had been left in my home, but I did not like to have anyone see it, so I had tucked it away out of sight. The day after the lecture, that old Journal came to my mind, and I was not long in getting it. No longer did it seem a mystery. I could really understand it a little, and after I had read it from cover to cover, my friends loaned me a copy of the Christian Science textbook. Before I had finished reading it I was made "every whit whole," and my health has been good ever since. I can plainly see there is a right time for each and every one to come into the understanding of Christian Science. I am indeed grateful for this healing and for the many other demonstrations we have had. I am grateful that this teaching makes one want to be good and to do good.

Testimony of Healing
One's gratitude to God is best expressed in helping others...
February 2, 1918

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