One of the speakers at the Wesleyan rally is reported as...

Scarborough (England) Mercury

One of the speakers at the Wesleyan rally is reported as saying, "The philosophy of Christian Science is sound, but the theology of Christian Science is all over the shop." Now if our critic accepts the dictionary definition of philosophy as "the science of things divine and human, and the causes in which they are contained," and "the science of the absolute," he will find the two points in his statement very difficult to reconcile. It can be quite easily seen that if the teaching relating to God and man in His image and likeness, as understood and demonstrated in Christian Science, was not exact, or the scientific understanding of true being, then it would be impossible to philosophize correctly concerning its teachings.

On page 145 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mrs. Eddy writes, "The theology of Christian Science includes healing the sick." Surely, then, the sooner its theology is "all over the shop," or in every consciousness, the better for suffering humanity. Sir W. Hamilton says, "Man philosophizes as he lives." As the philosophy of Christian Science is based upon and determined by the demonstrable understanding of God, it is the direct outcome of a correct knowledge of theology, or the word of God. It may not, however, agree with the personal opinions of those who define theology as a science of religious beliefs, and in consequence are liable to doubt the accuracy of any revelation which does not synchronize with their own.

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