The sayings of Jesus are capable of endless application,...

The Christian Science Monitor

The sayings of Jesus are capable of endless application, illustration, and interpretation; and this because these sayings are diamonds of many facets, catching the light of Truth whichever way they may be turned. Thus the symbolism of the vine, the fig tree, and the mustard tree reveal continually new light and new meaning, as the student grows, through demonstration, in some understanding of Truth, the knowledge of which Jesus himself said would make men free. This knowledge must come through demonstration, otherwise it does not come at all, and demonstration, Mrs. Eddy has pointed out, must result in healing the sick. The mere study of textual and doctrinal problems, of the fulfillment of prophecy or the more subtle meaning of texts is, by itself, however fascinating, just so much of love's labor lost, the love being distinctly the love of intellectual gratification. Faith in the efficacy of this sort of mental pabulum never yet healed a case of sickness, and never will. And it is one reason why James declared, "Faith without works is dead."

This intellectual study of the Bible nearly invariably concentrates on the Old Testament to the exclusion of the New, and any person who has ever seriously indulged in it knows, as the awakening comes to the more spiritual demands of the New, and above all, to its demand for demonstration, exactly why this is the case. It is, frankly, the old Adam in human nature, with its demand for "warmth and color." The New Testament, with its "pure severity of perfect light," chills intellectuality, in any and every form, to the bone. It demands a reason not for the value of this reading or the application of that prophecy, but for the faith that is in a man. And this reason must not take the form of some verbal argument, which is the foliage of the barren fig tree, but the fruit of the seed multiplying some thirtyfold, some sixtyfold, and some an hundredfold. That is, surely, what Mrs. Eddy was alluding to when she wrote in Article XXX, Section 7, of the Church Manual, "Healing the sick and the sinner with Truth demonstrates what we affirm of Christian Science, and nothing can substitute this demonstration."

December 28, 1918

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