Woman's Rights

We hear much discussion nowadays of the question of woman's rights. This is a hopeful sign of an awakening sense of justice and of that recognition of the equality of the sexes which is taught in Christian Science. The rapid acquisition by women of the political and economical rights hitherto denied them, is an outward expression of the fact that the world is awaking from the needless restrictions of the Adam-dream into the untrammeled liberty of the children of God. This higher sense of justice goes beyond the political and economical aspects of existence and is permeating all the affairs of life, removing the limitations not only on woman but on man as well, for it is undoubtedly true, as the poet has said, that "the woman's cause is man's: they rise or sink together."

In "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 287) Mrs. Eddy tells us that home is "woman's world," and it is no less true that the world is today becoming woman's home; therefore it behooves her to carry into this larger home all the qualities which that word connotes,—the affection, the purity, the patience, the unselfishness, which make up a true home. Christian Science offers to all the widest opportunity to work out their salvation in the way that seems best fitted to their individual needs, and Christian Scientists should beware lest they cramp the individual effort to attain this liberty by their narrowness and suspicion of unworthy motives. The old view which compelled a woman either to marry and bring up a family, or become a burden to others and an object for coarse ridicule, has happily passed away. Once motherhood was the only profession open to woman, and into it she walked, regardless either of her fitness or of her liking for it.

February 3, 1917

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