Looking back over the years of suffering and distress due...

Looking back over the years of suffering and distress due to physical ills, I rejoice in having been freed from bondage through a knowledge of God's goodness. I was always considered a frail child, and womanhood brought most of the ills that flesh is heir to. From my earliest recollection I had throat and lung trouble, and when tired would lose my voice. Severe attacks of acute stomach disorder developed into chronic trouble, and for years I lived in constant dread. I also had curvature of the spine, and headaches so bad that for days at a time I could not raise my head from the pillow. For four years I could not read, and for twelve years glasses were worn, but eye specialists all agreed that they could afford me no relief, as the trouble was due to the spinal condition.

An internal growth developed, and I underwent an operation for its removal; but the growth came again. For five years I had heart trouble and labored under the law that I must not be left alone at any time. For twenty-five years hay fever and asthma in its worst form beset me; indeed, like the woman of old, I "suffered many things of many physicians," finally collapsing entirely, and for a year sleeping only about two hours out of the twenty-four. I was then told nothing more could be done for me, as I could not rally from another operation.

Testimony of Healing
About nine years ago I was completely healed of rheumatism...
February 3, 1917

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