Before becoming interested in Christian Science I suffered...

Before becoming interested in Christian Science I suffered from nervous breakdowns every year, was continually taking medicine, and hardly knew what it meant to be really well. Almost six years ago, while suffering from the worst breakdown I had ever experienced and daily going down under the doctor's care, I consented to investigate Christian Science. A copy of Science and Health was loaned me, and after reading it for two weeks the realization came that I had been perfectly healed, and with it came a great desire to know just what had accomplished this healing.

Four years ago, while on my way to church one Wednesday evening, I fell, badly bruising my right hand. At the time I gave it no thought beyond simply endeavoring to wipe the dirt away with a handkerchief. The next morning I was compelled to use the hand a great deal, and during the afternoon a sense of soreness seemed to extend all the way up my arm to the shoulder. By Friday evening I had what appeared to be a serious case of blood poisoning. When the sense of illness and pain seemed unbearable, I telephoned to a Christian Science practitioner and asked for help. Obeying her instructions, I went to bed, and in about twenty minutes had fallen asleep. The next morning every symptom of the poisoning was gone. Shortly after this healing I was able to lay aside glasses, which had been worn for five years. At times I have had a little trouble with my eyes, but it has always been overcome as quickly as it appeared, and I have never felt the least necessity for resuming glasses.

Testimony of Healing
Deep gratitude impels me to testify to the blessings which...
February 3, 1917

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