In introducing his attack our critic intimates that Christian Science...

Portland (Ore.) Telegram

In introducing his attack our critic intimates that Christian Science is a religion, but that there is no salvation in it. The fact that multitudes have been healed of the love and practice of sin, that atheists have become devout students of the Bible, and that hopeless invalids have been restored to health through the ministrations of Christian Science, would certainly indicate that it is not only a religion but the religion of Christ,—the religion which effects a full salvation from both sin and disease.

One of the means of presenting to the public this new-old way of salvation through Christ is the free public lectures on Christian Science. It is quite true that the demand for such lectures is growing very rapidly. It is also true that the attendance upon these lectures is so large, and the public interest in them so great, that newspaper men throughout the country are coming to consider lectures on Christian Science good news, and freely give space to them as such. The insinuation on the part of our critic, therefore, that the publication of these lectures is liberally paid for, seems merely an attempt to belittle the great public interest in Christian Science.

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