About twenty-three years ago I first heard of Christian Science,...

About twenty-three years ago I first heard of Christian Science, but like many others was too prejudiced to investigate the subject, and even objected to hearing it talked about, although I knew people who claimed to have been healed by it. I now see how unjust it was to condemn something of which I knew nothing. Before coming into Christian Science I was sick a great deal,—had a nervous breakdown, and for years had to be careful of my eyes, as close work with artificial light showed its effects on them the next day. I was fretful and nervous, and seldom went out for pleasure or recreation; indeed, there seemed to be no comfort or enjoyment left for me.

Six years ago, while in this dejected mood, I met a young lady who told me there was life, hope, friendship, and food for the hungry heart, and I, like a little child, was led by her to an understanding of Christian Science. I have indeed found health, happiness, friends, and now know what it means to be God's child. No time has been lost from the office for four years, my eyes are used evenings as late as necessary, and I go out whenever I wish to do so, taking trips which require three to four days and nights of continuous traveling, besides being ready for anything at the journey's end. My work was never harder than it has been during the last few years, but instead of fatigue I have felt the happiness of a well spent day.

Testimony of Healing
Looking back over the years of suffering and distress due...
February 3, 1917

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