After listening for a month to the denuciations uttered...

Winlock (Wash.) Live Wire

After listening for a month to the denuciations uttered by a visiting evangelist in his references to Christian Science and Mrs. Eddy, it may be fairly presumed that some constructive information will be welcomed by your readers.

First it will be helpful to note the difference between the methods by which Christian Science is propagated among people, and those of other religions. If we consider the means by which a knowledge of mathematics is spread, we will find them quite similar to the means for making Christian Science known. Thus mathematicians, however willing they may be to communicate their knowledge, are not particularly anxious about those who prefer to remain in ignorance. One could hardly imagine an unwilling disciple coaxed or forced into union with a mathematical society; this is so because knowledge of numbers depends not upon opinion but upon understanding. The same is true of Christian Science. A most loving invitation to study Christian Science and to benefit by it is constantly extended by Scientists to all the world, but when the world accepts the invitation it will be of its own free will and not through subtle or bald coercion.

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