Under the caption "The Churches," the Journal recently...

Nebraska State Journal

Under the caption "The Churches," the Journal recently published an opinion that Christian Science is not orthodox. It is quite time that this much abused word orthodox should cease to be the football of every religionist who thinks he has an exclusive formula for getting to heaven. The dictionary definition certainly gives no one church the exclusive right to the term; and under this definition Christian Science clearly has a right to be considered orthodox. The fact is that Christian Science has a double claim, for it not only obeys the command of Jesus to preach the gospel, but also to heal the sick.

The heterodoxy of to-day is the orthodoxy of to-morrow, and every enthusiast or bigot, whichever it may be, asserts a claim for his religion on the basis of fundamentals, when in truth and fact it is only a difference in the understanding of how the problem should be worked out. For example, in the article under review it is naïvely suggested that the writer's church believes in the personality of God. Now it is equally true that Christian Scientists so believe, and therefore up to this point we have only opened the subject, not concluded it. It now becomes incumbent upon the adherent to say what he means by the personality of God, else he has used a phrase that conveys no meaning.

November 24, 1917

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