First of all, I am grateful to Christian Science for the...

First of all, I am grateful to Christian Science for the encouraging words that our periodicals always bring to earnest seekers for Truth, and I have been uplifted and fed many times through reading them. I have had many physical healings since accepting Christian Science, but the joy that comes to one who has been the channel through which another has received the healing truth is even greater than that occasioned by his own healing. This, too, I have experienced, and I thank God for it all. As I go on from sense to Soul I appreciate more deeply the sacrifices that our dear Leader, Mrs. Eddy, must have made to stand at her post so bravely and faithfully.

It has come to me that a testimony of lack overcome would perhaps be just as great a help, to some who read these pages, as one of physical healing. I humbly and rejoicingly bear witness to the fact that the Principle that turned the water into wine at the wedding feast is just as available today as then. The truth of the Scripture, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you," was given me when I was a beginner in Christian Science. I had taken up some work with the express purpose of using the money thus earned to purchase a piano, something I had desired for a good while. I was having treatment at the time and did not seem to be getting the help so much needed. Then one day the practitioner asked me if I was subscribing for any of the Christian Science literature, and I replied that I could not afford to do so. Yet all this time I was hoarding the piano fund. I shall never forget the remark she made: "Subscribe for the literature even if you have to go without bread."

Testimony of Healing
For over fifteen years Christian Science has been my only...
November 24, 1917

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