The Forward March

A Christian Science church is founded upon Principle, and its members have come into this relationship because they have seen proofs of God's power. They are those who, wearied of theories and false gods, turn with hope to a higher concept, and find health, comfort, light, and love in a measure never dreamed of before.

United in one Mind, these travelers from material beliefs to spiritual understanding start their journey with lighter baggage than they have ever before carried, but there are none who have left off all the old, false ways of thinking. As they earnestly seek and strive to measure up to the requirements of this new-old religion, they may not all see the way in equal degree; but in proportion as each is faithful in following divine guidance and in keeping to the straight path, with the sunlight of Truth to dispel all shadows, one by one the shackles will drop away and the burdens lighten. Marching onward with firm step and with added confidence, such are enabled to give loving counsel and aid to those who are struggling with a heavier load; and thus the journey is made clearer and easier for all.

Unconscious Disobedience
November 24, 1917

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