Love, the Healer

Love as divine Principle is comprehended only as we grow in the understanding of the qualities and characteristics of infinite Mind. There need be no arduous thinking about Love, since the consciousness of Love is not gained through any amount of logical deductions. "Science," Mrs. Eddy says, "denies all disease, heals the sick, overthrows false evidence, and refutes materialistic logic" (Science and Health, p. 120); therefore such logic is not embraced in spiritual intuition or the apprehension of Truth. Truth is so simple in nature that its very simplicity is a stumblingblock to mortal sense in the way of complete understanding, and the Love that is Truth is little understood.

Spiritual sense is the transparency through which Love may be seen; the unselfish of heart and pure in nature are the clear transparencies through which shines the light of Love. God's man reflects the purity of perfect Mind. Mortals are impure in the ratio of their belief in the power, life, and substance of matter. We are pure in the degree that divine Love is expressed by us in tenderness and impartial kindness, in showing compassion toward the sinner and binding up the wounds of the broken-hearted with the gentleness of true sympathy. It is Love that regenerates and saves. It was the benediction of infinite Love which the erring woman felt in the Master's words, "Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more," that cleansed her heart from the stain of sin and evil. Only those who have unselfishly consecrated their lives to God, whose natures are illumined with the wisdom of perfect Love, can discern the latent good in mankind, no matter how deeply hidden by mortal belief.

Upon the spiritual heights of Love we lose sight of person in the revelation of Principle, the understanding grown beautiful with Love's wisdom. The robe of Truth is seamless; mortal analysis never reveals unity and harmony, for materialistic logic kills the spirit. Such logic does not reach the heart, and it can never make life worth the living; whereas Love, touching the heart of man, makes his whole life blossom into harmony. The wisdom of God opens the floodgates of the heart, and the peace of Love displaces doubt and despair. Mere logic, though apparently clean-cut, never heals, and is of no use in times of distress, of pain and sorrow; while the oil of Love poured into the wound by the hand of compassion gives peace and relief. Love, not logic, leads the wanderer home. Love, not human logic, sits by the couch of suffering and sheds the light of hope upon the troubled waters. Love is the bow of promise transforming the clouds into glistening gold. Love is the strong arm encircling the sufferer.

November 24, 1917

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