Ideas and Ideals

Christ Jesus taught that there is nothing in materiality worthy to be held up to mankind as an ideal. He represented the mental, metaphysical, or spiritual as the ideal. Although he healed all kinds of disease, raised the dead, multiplied the loaves and fishes, walked on the water, and worked marvelous changes in material conditions, his counsel was, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." The kingdom to which he points is absolutely ideal. He makes it clear, however, that this ideal is not to be attained in a distant future state, but that it is a present condition of right consciousness, and is the source of immediate good, or practical results.

Materialistic thought often scoffs at ideals. It has tried to idealize material means and things, but always fails, finding the result as mutable and imperfect as belief in matter necessarily is. Things metaphysical or spiritual are entirely beyond material comprehension, so to it the ideal seems visionary and impracticable. Christian Science demonstrates that man and his consciousness are spiritual, not material; so to God's man there is nothing intangible or unattainable about the ideas of Spirit, which are the ideals of Christian metaphysics. These ideals are based upon spiritual ideas, so in Christian Science the words idea and ideal are practically synonymous.

Vessels for Oil
November 17, 1917

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