The speaker at the Tabernacle, as reported in The World,...

The World

The speaker at the Tabernacle, as reported in The World, had a splendid opportunity to give his audience some authentic information on the subject of Christian Science.

Christian Scientists will heartily agree with the speaker that a system which denies the authority of Jesus Christ or that the Bible is the word of God, does not deserve the name of Christian; but no religious teaching on earth to-day accepts the authority of Jesus Christ more literally or completely, or stands more squarely on the Bible as God's revelation of Himself to humanity, than does Christian Science. And Christian Scientists, be it known, are vastly better qualifies to pronounce upon the teachings of Christian Science than are the critics who read into Mrs. Eddy's writings what they wish to find there, or who attempt to read out of them the truths which identify Christian Science with the Christianity of the Master.

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