Demonstrating Christian Science

There is no mystery in Christian Science save the mystery which seems to enshroud everything that is not understood. A practical understanding of the fundamental teachings of Christian Science can be gained by anyone who is willing to devote himself to the diligent study of the Bible and the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. If these books are studied intelligently, the student will gain an insight into spiritual teachings which will enable him to take the first steps in demonstrating this Science. These first steps are indispensable. It is as impossible to gain the understanding of Christian Science without demonstration, i.e., without making an intelligent application of its teachings, as it would be for one to become a musician merely by reading a textbook on the subject, or a mathematician by learning the rules without solving any of the problems which are given to elucidate the rules and test the student's understanding. If the student cannot solve the problems in the textbook, it is proof positive that he does not understand the rule, even though he may repeat the words without hesitation.

To talk Christian Science in a pleasing and impressive manner is of itself no proof of understanding, any more than is the repetition of mathematical rules conclusive evidence that one understands the basic law of numbers. An intelligent grasp of the letter is necessary, but far more than this is required. The proof of understanding is to be found only in the works which demonstrate the truth of the words. If the works are not in evidence, the words are void of vitality and spiritual power.

Routine of Expectation
November 3, 1917

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