Mrs. Eddy says: "Become conscious for a single moment...

Mrs. Eddy says: "Become conscious for a single moment that Life and intelligence are purely spiritual,—neither in nor of matter,—and the body will then utter no complaints. If suffering from a belief in sickness, you will find yourself suddenly well" (Science and Health, p. 14). While reading these words I was healed of a distressing illness that had lasted for eighteen years. I had tried several schools of medicine, and had also been taken to health resorts, where I would revive for a time, only to fall back again into a hopeless state of invalidism. I became so prostrated that I could not walk even a few steps without having a sinking spell. My only nourishment was liquids, with occasionally an egg and hard-baked bread. I could sleep but little, and was becoming unable to bear the exertion of talking or even of hearing others converse. I was indeed a pitiable object, a burden to myself as well as to my family, and the physicians had given me up. Then suddenly the light of divine Science dawned for me and I was well.

I can never forget the spiritual illumination that came to me as I read for the first time those words in Science and Health; I felt the presence of God. The change in my physical appearance was at once so marked that my husband and children as they came into my presence said, "You are better," and I replied, "Yes, I am better." I was really healed, but I could not believe the whole truth at first. When, however, I found myself in two days sitting at the table with my family, eating a hearty meal, and soon afterward walking wherever I wanted to go and able to take up my duties again as mother and homemaker, I knew that I had found the truth and the truth had made me free. My one desire was to know more of Christian Science, and I read one by one each of the books written by our beloved Leader. I subscribed to the Christian Science periodicals, had class instruction, and took up the work as it came to me.

Testimony of Healing
I desire to give public expression to my gratitude for the...
August 12, 1916

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