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It is with a sense of deep joy and gratitude to God, and...

It is with a sense of deep joy and gratitude to God, and also to our revered Leader, Mrs. Eddy, that I would like to testify herewith to the many blessings which have come to me through the power of Truth. My mother drew my attention to Christian Science three years ago, at a time when I was suffering from rheumatism affecting the head, and more especially the neck. I had been afflicted with this trouble for quite a while. The physician whom I consulted believed that a cure might be effected by using electricity, and also told me not to regard the condition lightly, as it might lead to a disease of the brain.

I however preferred to trust in God, and started to read Der Herold der Christian Science diligently. It became clear to me that God is not author of sickness and sin, and that divine Mind can create only that which is good. I applied to a Christian Science practitioner and asked for treatment, which was readily taken up, and the disease was soon overcome. When some time later it manifested itself again as the result of fear, I once more asked for help, and supported the work to the best of my knowledge, the result being that within a short time complete healing took place. Since then I have enjoyed good health and an increased sense of joy.

Two years ago our youngest son was taken ill with jaundice. We had him treated absently, and in one week's time he was healed completely through the power of divine Truth. Also our eldest son, who for many years suffered from heart trouble and later on from catarrh of the bowels, was entirely freed of these troubles within a short time through Christian Science treatment. Whereas gymnastics and swimming were prohibited by the physician, he now indulges in these excises freely.

Testimony of Healing
When I first became interested in Christian Science I was...
August 12, 1916

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