In 1914 I was obliged to seek the aid of Christian Science...

In 1914 I was obliged to seek the aid of Christian Science for a foot trouble known as weak arches, from which I had suffered torture for more than two years. I had tried special shoes, arch supporters, and the like, but had received no help. Finally I could not stand to dress, and for more than a year was unable to stand long enough to shave. Oftentimes when within a couple of squares of my hotel or office I would have to sit on the curbstone for rest, and the picture constantly before me was of the day when I would have to be wheeled about in a chair.

I had been told of Christian Science eight months before I reluctantly called on a practitioner. That morning I was unable to make a complete step with my left foot, and the pain in my legs was intense that I could not bear to sit down. I went to the practitioner feeling that possibly after a year of hard study I might get some relief, but to my amazement I arose the next morning without a sign of this dreadful trouble that had life almost unbearable for more than two years. I took three other treatments, covering a period of two weeks, and again to my great surprise I found that the taste for tobacco, indulged for eight years, had completely left me ; also something told me that I did not need to wear glasses, so I left them off, and my eyes have not given me a bit of trouble since.

I was completely healed in one treatment of influenza, which had been a life-long enemy ; and one night, after being in dreadful pain for several hours with an acute attack of stomach trouble, I telephoned to a practitioner and in forty minutes was perfectly well. When I had a similar attack before coming into Science, I could only get relief by taking a hypodermic, and it was fully a week before I felt right again. It is impossible to be thankful enough to God for these wonderful blessings, and to our dear Leader, Mrs. Eddy, for her devotion to mankind in bringing to us this saving truth, which surely sets men free.

Testimony of Healing
In recognition of the comforting, healing message revealed...
August 12, 1916

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