Winning Success

It is evident that thought-forces control every condition of human life. Our health, our harmony, our happiness and success depend wholly upon the thought-force which is governing us. If it be the false, fearful, and sinful thoughts of mortal mind that are influencing us, then health, harmony, and success in life are impossible; but if it be what Mrs. Eddy calls "the spiritual forces of divine Mind, whose potency is Truth" (Science and Health, p. 293), which are directing us, then health and success are assured.

Disease of the body is due to mental cause, and it is healed by banishing the wrong thoughts that have caused the disease and admitting the right thoughts,—pure, holy, exalted thoughts from the divine Mind. If a man is unsuccessful in business, if he is without employment, or if he is not receiving just or prompt payment for his work, the cause is wholly mental, and can be truly corrected only as the cause of the discordant condition is removed by bringing the human mind into conscious harmonious relationship with the divine Mind. Whatever the error of thought may be that is causing the discord and distress, whether it be from without, the mental malpractice of evil minds, or from within, the doubt, discouragement, dishonesty, envy, jealousy, resentment, hatred, or fear harbored within our own mentality, it must be overcome by denial of its claims to reality and by recognizing God's ever present peace, power, and love, and man as God's divine reflection.

Serenity in Victory or Defeat
March 18, 1916

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