Proper Sense of Infinity

The means by which those marvelous demonstrations of divine power recorded in the Scriptures were wrought, was the human understanding of what Christian Science designates as the allness of God, namely, His all-power, all-presence, all-intelligence. While this truth is normally included in most of the religious creeds, its full significance is neither implied nor taught, else the children educated under these auspices would not grow up with such profound fear of some other power than God. Under such conditions mortals do not learn to have that faith in God which Jesus enjoined and which is so essential to human progress and salvation.

It is certain that humanity will not reach perfection through devotion to an imperfect or limited concept of Deity; that they need to gain a "proper sense of the infinite," as Mrs. Eddy phrases it, "in order that sin and mortality may be put off" (Science and Health, p. 265), and that that is not a proper sense of the infinite which includes both good and evil. The belief that aught but good exists in God's universe denies His supremacy; while to locate a sinning world outside of God's kingdom would set aside His omnipresence, since there could be nothing outside of that which includes all.

"Wait, and love more"
March 18, 1916

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