In studying the English Bible we are dealing with a translation...

The Shetland Times

In studying the English Bible we are dealing with a translation from a foreign tongue, made three hundred years ago, and it is a matter of the greatest importance that we should endeavor to find out the precise meaning of the original writers. That great scholar Doctor Westcott has pointed out the care which St. John takes throughout his gospel to distinguish absolute from relative truth, and the word translated "knowledge" in Ephesians iv. 13, as well as in some other passages of St. Paul's writings, means precise, scientific knowledge. Christian Science shows us that our Lord's words were statements of Scientific truth, that his wonderful works were wrought through the understanding of spiritual law, and that the acts of healing performed by him and his followers are as possible of achievement today as in the first century of the Christian era.

Christian Scientists are agreed with all other Christians in the paramount necessity of resisting and conquering sin; they do not attempt to minimize or ignore it. Our aim, therefore, is the same, but we employ a different method of dealing with it, a method which we are convinced is the gospel method, and which is proving its efficacy in the improvement which it is effecting in the lives of those who are employing it.

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