Thought Testing

The study of qualitative and quantitative analysis in chemistry requires much time and thought on the part of the would-be chemist. He must become proficient in these branches of this science if he is ever to know the quality and amount of the various ingredients forming any material substance. In chemistry all analysis is based on the belief that matter has existence, form, action, law, power, attraction, and force,—that there is material causation.

The Christian Scientist, having learned that all is Mind and the expression or revelation of Mind, concludes that Mind, God, and His ideas are all that have reality and existence. He finds that cause being Mind, the effect must be mental; he also learns that it is thinking which counts, and so forthwith he begins to watch, to test his thinking. Then the important questions are no longer, What have I eaten or drunk? How long have I slept? but, What am I thinking? Am I thinking in accord with that which is divine, spiritual, and eternal, or am I believing that which is mortal, material, and temporal? To watch one's thinking, to test his thinking, then, becomes the first duty of the Christian Scientists.

Our Literature
December 2, 1916

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