"There is no Pelee"

At a missionary exhibition held in London a few years ago, there was given a dramatized representation of the introduction of Christianity into heathen lands. One scene in particular was most impressive from the Christian Science point of view. It represented the worship of the goddess Pelée, who was supposed to preside over the people's destiny, and at certain seasons to show her displeasure by causing a volcanic eruption.

The eruption was depicted, and at the first sound of it the people, who had been innocently engaged in work or play, suddenly stopped, and an expression of fear came over their faces. This deepened into horror as an old man, the priest of Pelée, stepped forward, and with portentous frown and solemn mien looked around upon the hapless little company. Then, choosing the youngest and fairest maiden, who was evidently finding life most sweet, he pointed his staff toward her, thus signifying that she must die, be thrown into the boiling lava as a sacrifice to Pelée, who must be appeased at all costs.

The Snow Man
August 28, 1915

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