The "new name"

Mrs. Eddy's gift to the world is the discovery of the divine Principle on which to establish and demonstrate all facts about the nature of God and man. In St. John's revelation we are told of the rewards to be bestowed upon "him that overcometh," one being thus defined: "I will write upon him my new name."

Christian Science, the "new name" for the scientific knowledge of God, has excited and still excites remonstrance from those who, admittedly or otherwise, regard the teaching of Jesus as an impossible ideal for humanity, and from those who think of science as being essentially founded on what they call material law. The existence of material law would imply the existence of matter as a reality; and the instability of foundation for the latter hypothesis needs no further demonstration than the ever changing definitions of matter supplied by students of natural science, so called, ultimating in the statement recently made by a distinguished thinker, that "the natural scientist in explaining matter has explained it away."

Righteous Prayer
August 28, 1915

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