The Snow Man

I had been wrestling with a sense of discord, trying to realize in consciousness the character and nature of the perfect man, made in the image and likeness of God, in contradistinction to the mortal concept of man, made in the likeness of mortals, and in the struggle my thoughts were directed back to my boyhood days in the north country. I remembered that one of our boyish sports was the making of a snow man. On a winter's day we would make a snowball and then roll it on the ground, so that it would gather up the snow with which it came in contact. In a very short time it would assume large proportions, and with this great ball as a base, we would fashion our man of snow and give him all the human features. We could look upon our piece of statuary as long as the freezing winds blew and the weather remained cold; but when the soft winds came out and the warmth of the sunshine greeted the earth, calling into life the beauties of nature, our snow man disappeared, and the verdant grass and spring flowers came up to mark the place where he had stood.

A wonderful awakening to the truth resulted from this reminiscence of earlier years. I could plainly see that the snow man was a type of mortal man, a man-made man, depending for his existence upon the "long and cold night of discord" (Science and Health, p. 378). When, however, he was touched by the soft zephyrs of Spirit and the warmth of Love, this man, made up of the misconceptions, doubts, and fears of the past, would likewise disappear, and in his place would blossom the flowers of a new springtime of consciousness to gladden him whose birthright is joy and happiness, health and holiness.

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