A few years before I became interested in Christian Science...

A few years before I became interested in Christian Science I assisted in caring for a brother-in-law who had what physicians said was a malignant growth. Both materia medica and surgery failed him, and after about two years he passed away. This pathetic case evidently left so vivid an impression upon my thought that some years later a similar growth appeared on my own body in the same locality. At the time of its appearance I had already been a student of Christian Science about a year and a half, and I feel sure that my deep interest in this teaching was the means of bringing the disorder so quickly to the surface to be destroyed. A period elapsed in which I used my understanding of the power of Truth to overcome this encroachment of error, and was successful in allaying the pain it occasioned; but in time the size of the growth attracted attention, and I then appealed to a Christian Science practitioner for treatment. In three weeks the growth had entirely disappeared, leaving me in a normal condition, and I have remained so. This healing took place twelve years ago, so I am sure it is permanent.

At another time I had an attack of acute lung trouble, so severe that the fever raged for several days. From the start the case was put in the hands of an experienced practitioner, and in seven days the disease was so thoroughly destroyed that I went back to work on the following day, and but for a little weakness felt as well as ever. I began the study of Christian Science in 1896, and since that time it has been my physician, surgeon, teacher, and guide. Divine Truth is my reliance under all circumstances.

From Our Exchanges
August 28, 1915

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