Arrangements for the erection of a splendid monument to...

The Los Angeles (Cal.) Journal

Arrangements for the erection of a splendid monument to the memory of Mary Baker Eddy have been perfected, and the near future will assume definite expression in the granite column which the members of the church she founded will erect in Mt. Auburn cemetery, Cambridge, Mass., in honor of one of the world's remarkable and truly great characters. The work wrought by Mrs. Eddy in the religious world, her notable accomplishments in the field of spiritual endeavor, are now matters of world knowledge, and are of such colossal magnitude as exalted achievements in and for the cause of the Christ as to challenge the admiration and the lasting gratitude of the people of this and of coming generations. Like all really great reforms, her activities in furtherance of man's emancipation from the bondage of the archaic and superstition-laden materialism of the orthodox church met with most bitter and persistent opposition from the beginning of her ministry to the day of her passing.

But so precious is the truth which her wonderful spiritual insight unfolds in the profound depths of the soul's consciousness, so true to divine law is her message to the race, that opposition to Mrs. Eddy and her work, though both intense and relentless, has but served to bring into finer and clearer relief the beautiful outlines of the magnificent structure which her prophetic teachings have reared in the life of the human race,—a temple of divine truth in which Jesus the Christ lives a potential reality, as much so now as in the time of his personal ministry on earth.

August 28, 1915

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